Children's Dentistry

Painless dental for kids in Liverpool, NSW

Are you looking for a Liverpool based dentist for your child? The Liverpool Dentist practice is a highly respected dental surgery with a strong reputation for providing children with positive and painless experiences when they visit the dentist.

If your family is on a tight budget, you may be eligible to receive your child's dentistry under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS).

If you'd like to give your child a good experience at the dentist, bring them to our surgery which is located at the Midway Shopping Centre, on the corner of Elizabeth Dr and Woodlands Rd in Liverpool.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule or CDBS is a program offering financial assistance to parents of eligible children. It provides up to $1000 of benefits over the course of two years for your child`s basic dental treatments. If you do not use the whole amount in your first eligible year, then you can use it in the following year providing you continue to be eligible. You are eligible if your children are 2-17 years and you receive family tax benefits and Medicare. If you would like to make sure about your eligibility, please call our office on (02) 9824 0303(02) 9824 0303.

Treatments included under the CDBS program cover a variety of dental services including checkups, cleaning, fluoride applications, fillings, x-rays, extractions, fissure sealing and root canal treatments. The program excludes any cosmetic or orthodontic work and cannot be used for hospital based dental services.

Regular check-ups

Through regular check-ups, minor issues can be picked up before they have a chance of developing into something much more detrimental. Therefore establishing a routine of visiting the dentist regularly is one of the most valuable things you can do for the long term health of children.

Regular check-ups are also important because they allow the dentist to become familiar with your child's teeth development, which can be very helpful in spotting possible teeth problems early on. The dentist can determine whether your child's teeth alignment needs correction. An X-ray examination may be necessary to show up problems. Early intervention can be sometimes be extremely advantageous for healthy child development.

Ways anxiety can be diminished

Having your child visiting a dentist while young can substantially help reduce the possibility of future anxiety relating to dental treatments. It is a good idea if you inform your child about their appointment, well before it takes place. Keep a cheerful attitude whenever you mention the visit. It is best if you accompany your children during the examination and treatment so that they feel safe and confident. You will also have the benefit of knowing exactly what dental work is being done. You will notice that our dentists keep talking to your child explaining every step of every procedure in age appropriate language so they understand what is going on. Your child will feel confident knowing you are watching close by. Each visit becomes easier after after they having positive dental experience. All children receive a free tooth brush and gift at their first visit.

Dental anxiety can also be reduced in children if they accompany their parents to the clinic. We encourage parents who are being treated, to have their children come in to the surgery with them so that the children are familiarised with dental work. Our staff are able to communicate to the children about everything so that they understand what is happening. This strategy is extremely useful for dispelling any fears they may pick up from other sources. We let the children play with our toys while a family member is being treated.

Positive dental experiences are the key

In our clinic, we make every effort to ensure your child feels comfortable and special. We have a special interest in child dentistry and we believe it is important for them to associate their dentistry with positive experiences so they will be more inclined to access appropriate dental care throughout their lives.

Our special interest in children and having fun when visiting the dentist means they will be more likely to inform you about the early signs of having a dental problem. Acting sooner rather than later is better for the child and will save you time and money because getting dental health issues treated professionally in the early stages reduces the possibility of more serious problems developing down the track.

It is therefore important to choose a clinic with staff able to relate positively to children. All staff members at The Liverpool Dentist dental clinic are able to establishing great rapports with children of all ages.

Establishing dental habits at home

The oral health of your child has implications for their general health. It is therefore important for your child to establish good dental habits at home. By instilling worthwhile habits such as regularly brushing teeth and flossing, you will be giving your kids a most valuable gift in life. By visiting our clinic, you will receive useful ideas on how to encourage your child to brush and floss teeth effectively. Learning about dental hygiene at the dentist helps. If you have any specific questions, simply ask any one of our staff and we will gladly answer them as best we can.

The dental specialists also work closely with you as a parent in order to give you a preventive program so you have the tools to give good advice to your child goes through the various stages of growth and development.

Treating cavities in children

If your child has developed a cavity, rest assured, we are able to treat children without causing pain or anxiety. In fact they will most probably feel that the whole occasion of having a tooth filled is an enjoyable experience.

Special needs

The Dr. Terence McNeil dental clinic is a professional service, with a special interest in the treatment of all children including those with different special needs or disabilities. We have access to specialist children's dentists when needed.