Dental Implants

Placed painlessly in Liverpool, NSW

Would you like to have painless implant placement? The Liverpool Dentist has been placing high quality dental implants in the mouths of people from the Liverpool district and surrounding areas for the last 20 years -- all with very little or no pain! If you have missing teeth and wish to have your disposition to smile and capacity to chew food restored, dental implants can be your best option.

Considering dental implants?

Our location makes us very accessible by road for clients from wider Sydney with various main motorways converging near to our clinic. Our clinic also conveniently provides free on-site parking.

Our dentists are members of the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry (ASID) and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).

What is a dental implant?

An implant is a prosthetic tooth root. Dental implants provide an effective solution for replacing missing teeth.

If you have lost teeth, implants can be surgically embedded into your jaw to permanently secure natural looking artificial teeth.
The material used to make dental implants is titanium because it an extremely strong and durable metal which is exceptionally well tolerated by the human body.

Implants are placed where your missing teeth originated and can be used to support single artificial teeth, bridges or dentures. In cases involving bridges or dentures more than one dental implant is normally required.

A single artificial tooth called a crown, a connecting piece referred to as an abutment, and the titanium implant serving as an artificial root form a solid structure which is capable of approximating a natural tooth.

When performed by any of our professionals, the process is painless and the results last for a lifetime.

How will having a dental implant benefit me?

Implant supported artificial teeth look, feel and function like natural teeth and represent the best solution available for replacement of missing teeth. The majority of patients experience their implants as stable and secure.

Below are the benefits to having dental implants;

Function: Being able to chew your food properly is probably the most important benefit implants can give you. When your food is properly masticated, you are able to absorb its nutrients more easily. Implant crown teeth are much stronger than natural teeth.

Feel: You can regain enjoyment when eating because implants feel like natural teeth.

Confidence: We have all watched the TV advertising for better and better denture glue but implants do away with the need to rely on adhesive. No more worrying about embarrassing denture malfunctions as you tuck into your meal!

Visual Aesthetics: Dental implants today look like natural, permanent teeth, creating a beautiful smile. In addition, your facial muscles will be maintained when you chew your food naturally.

Clearer Speech: Teeth supported by dental implants don’t interfere with how speech is generated because they don’t alter the shape of your mouth. Missing teeth or dentures can alter the shape of your mouth which can often cause undesirable changes to the quality of your speech.

How long does the process of placing dental implants take?

Placing a dental implant involves a process that can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months to complete.

What does the placement process involve?

The process typically involves three steps. The first step involves a simple surgical procedure with local anaesthetic to place the implant in your jaw bone. Your bone and gum is then given time to heal. The gum heals completely over the top of the implant. The second step involves surgery to re-expose the implant to make sure integration has been successful and to attach an abutment or post to the implant. This time the gum is left to heal around the exposed abutment. The final stage occurring after the gum has healed involves making a prosthetic crown and attaching it to the abutment.

Are dental implants a permanent solution to tooth loss?

Yes dental implants are considered to be a permanent solution.

What is the success rate?

We pride ourselves on a 100% success rate.

Are there people who cannot have dental implants?

Everyone can have dental implants placed but there are some exceptions and some cautions. Patients who are uncontrolled diabetics or have severe psychological problems are not good candidates for dental implants. Patients with severe medical conditions may not be good candidates.

Patients who don’t have sufficient bone mass in their jaws may not be able to have dental implants placed simply. A thorough dental examination can determine suitability! In many cases, our dentists are able to perform bone augmentation (or grafting) to overcome problems relating to insufficient bone.

Why should I use the The Liverpool Dentist for my dental implants?

Our reputation for painless implant placement coupled with a 100% success rate makes our practice an attractive choice for many. Additionally, we have a great team of enthusiastic staff, well experienced, efficient and knowledgeable. The practice is well equipped with the latest dental technology and has been operating for 30 years.

The Liverpool Dentist offers excellent patient care and dental expertise in modern, hygienic surroundings. Our fees are extremely competitive so contact us today and get a smile you will enjoy sharing.