Teeth Whitening

Brighten your smile in Liverpool, NSW

The dental practice of The Liverpool Dentist is located in the Sydney suburb of Liverpool, NSW, Australia. Our practice has 30 years of knowledge and experience in teeth whitening. We pride ourselves on thoroughness, expertise and efficiency. Free cleans and fluoride application are included in the cost of your whitening program.

Tired of over-the-counter gels, stickers and toothpastes that don’t give the results they claim or are unsafe for your teeth enamel?

Discount Teeth Whitening $950

CWe now offer complete in-chair whitening for only $950. This package includes a checkup, x-ray, cleaning, fluoride as well as the whitening. The treatment can be claimed on your private health fund.

In-chair and home whitening

We provide ZOOM whitening which is the best in-chair whitening system in the world. With the ZOOM system you can receive excellent results in just 2 hrs. Our home whitening kits give results in 1-2 weeks. We provide FREE follow-ups and top-up kits.

With our teeth whitening services, you can expect to:

  • Brighten your smile safely, painlessly and easily
  • Gain effective results within weeks
  • Achieve that “Hollywood Smile” you’ve always wanted

Sadly, as we age, even if we don’t smoke tobacco… daily habits of eating and drinking, especially tea/coffee, colas or red wines can wear away at the natural brightness of your teeth.

Give yourself the pick-me-up of a brighter day starting with great teeth and a fresh smile.

When you feel confident about the whiteness of your teeth, your smile tends to be broader and you might just be beaming more often. At The Liverpool Dentist we aim to have you feeling good about the brightness of your teeth, so that you won’t be able to stop smiling! A pearly white smile is something that can greatly influence how others think about you.

Our aim is to deliver innovative, scientifically proven, safe and effective teeth whitening. Our special bleaching technology gives instant and lasting results and is cost-effective.

What you can expect

In surgery, the dentist will make an application to your teeth for a whitening process that gives immediate results in an appointment that lasts no more than an hour. You might also be asked to follow-up with a professional home-based teeth whitening kit for just over a week.

During this time, mouth trays are usually worn overnight. A carefully made, well-fitted mouth tray is created to precise order for your top and bottom teeth, for use at home. In discussions with the dentist, you define the desired lightening shade.

Self Confidence

Renew yourself, inside and out, with teeth whitening! This procedure can have a great boost on the way you feel, not just daily but every time you open your mouth!…Because so much of life depends upon those instant moments – not just in a text message but in actually meeting people face-to-face… It can be all about your actual smile!

When you greet someone confidently, you feel better inside… All this can be achieved if you place renewed emphasis on a simple improvement in your front teeth. A subtle, but crucial, difference in the appearance of the whiteness of your front teeth can mean everything in those first few moments. So, why not get a little help from your trusted dentist?

At The Liverpool Dentist, your smiles will tend to be broader and occur more often. We aim to have you feeling good about the brightness of your teeth. We care about this!