Are you searching for general dental care in the Liverpool area? If so, you’re looking in the right place.
Dr. Terrence McNeil, B.D.S. and his dedicated staff strive to provide comfortable and gentle care to dentistry patients from Liverpool and the surrounding suburbs of Sydney. Dr. McNeil is one of the most experienced dentists in Sydney with a strong focus on preventative dentistry.


    We are a professional Australian Unity No Gaps Dentist, and we now offer HICAPS plans to our patients to assure that they are receiving the best possible care for their teeth.

  • We are an Australian Unity No Gaps Dentist for preventive dental services


Why Liverpool Dentist?

It’s important to note that we are committed to our clients. Whether it is answering your questions, explaining to you about topics of general oral hygiene, providing guidance or recommendations, or providing dental treatments, you can expect our superior customer commitment.

  • Relaxed Atmosphere

    One thing that typifies our clinic is the relaxed mood that is present. Our staff understand the value of keeping calm for our clients. The relaxed atmosphere we operate in helps our customers feel at ease and your experience will be the same when you visit.

  • Accountability

    We hold ourselves accountable for delivering on our commitments. Whether we consider correct scheduling, politeness and etiquette of our staff or the quality of our work, we make it our business to perform to the highest standards on every occasion and with every client.

  • High Quality Professional Services

    We pride ourselves on providing the finest and most effective dentistry possible. Ranging from regular check-ups and cleanings through to complex dental procedures, we utilize the latest high-quality laboratories and materials on the market. When choosing us for your dental needs, you can expect to be completely satisfied by the quality of our service!

  • Safety

    We value your health. Our practice provides an extremely sterile environment that is constantly monitored. When choosing your general dentistry needs, you can feel safe knowing offer cleanliness and safe practices. We're here to serve you and provide a service that is both efficient and provides long lasting benefits your health.